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Great Plains Manufacturing announced today the decision to stop production of Great Plains Products at its Sleaford, UK site and close the facility. This decision comes in the wake of an extended downturn in the worldwide agricultural economy. Current production is to be complete by mid-year 2017. Other operations and functions of the Sleaford site will be phased out after the 2017 autumn season with facility closure to occur early in 2018.

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SALINA, KS – With the popularity of canola on the rise across the United States, Great Plains is bringing singulation and spacing accuracy to producers seeding canola. A specially designed canola seed disc delivers singulation and precise placement of costly canola seed, in contrast to broadcast seeding methods. The canola disc is part of an extensive list of Air-Pro® Meter Discs for seeding corn, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, cotton, wheat, and sugar beets.

Great Plains Enhances Award-Winning Anhydrous Coulter


SALINA, KS – Great Plains has reintroduced its award-winning high-speed anhydrous coulter with several improvements to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and versatility of the Nutri-Pro® precision nutrient application line.

Released in 2014, the revolutionary anhydrous coulter earned a 2015 AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, but Great Plains engineers remained dedicated to making this good product even better.

The newly-released coulter includes:

Great Plains Delivers Tillage and Seeding in One New Tool


SALINA, KS – High Plains wheat farmers who conventionally till large acreages will appreciate the time and cost savings offered by the new Field Cultivator Air Drill from Great Plains.

The unique machine combines a Great Plains Field Cultivator with Great Plains 00 Series Drill Openers, allowing operators to till soil and drill seed at the same time. The Field Cultivator Air Drill’s high productivity means less time in the field and lower input costs for farmers.

10-foot Turbo-Max®


SALINA, KS – Five years after introducing Turbo-Max® to the vertical tillage market, Great Plains is expanding the industry-leading product line to accommodate a wider range of farming operations.

With the release of the smaller 8½- and 10-foot Turbo-Max models for lower horsepower tractors and a 48-foot Turbo-Max for larger tractors, more farmers will have access to the benefits of true vertical tillage, which translates to improved water infiltration, root development, and nutrient uptake.

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Great Plains Introduces New 30ˈ Stack-fold Planter


SALINA, KS – Developed specifically for the Delta region, but with nationwide appeal, Great Plains has released a new 30-foot stack-fold planter with individual hoppers. The simple, yet rugged, 3P3025AH Planter was designed in response to the popularity of its 40-foot predecessor.

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Great Plains Introduces New Five-Section Chisel Plow


SALINA, KS – To accommodate the needs of today’s large acreage farmers, Great Plains is expanding its line of heavy-duty chisel plows with a new Ultra-Chisel™ model. Ranging from 39 to 45 feet wide, the new five-section Ultra-Chisel offers wider working widths than the original models, which were released in 2015.

“We are proud to introduce the five-section Ultra-Chisels in 2016, which offer a wide working width in the field, along with narrow road transport,” said Great Plains Vice President of Sales Mike Cleveland.



SALINA, KS – Great Plains introduces a new line of Rotary Cutters, delivering effective grounds-maintenance solutions to ag producers of all sizes.

Whether it’s a narrowly-spaced tree grove, gently-sloped ground near a pond or stream, or wide-open pasture, the diverse Rotary Cutter line is equipped to tackle everything from standing residue in row-crop fields to weeds and brush in overrun pastures.

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Great Plains Releases Simple Seeder


SALINA, KS – For smaller seeding tasks that don’t require a full-on no-till drill, Great Plains has introduced the simple, economical No-Till Seeder.

Offered in 7-, 9-, and 11-foot widths, the NTS25 Series Seeder makes quick work of renovating pastures, reclaiming rights-of-way, and planting food plots. With productivity of up to 11 feet, it also offers a heavy-duty seeding solution for small seeding contractors.

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Great Plains Introduces AccuShot™ at the National Farm Machinery Show

SALINA, KS – With corn prices low and input costs high, today’s corn growers are searching for any way possible to reduce costs without risking yield.

AccuShot™ is a groundbreaking new planter attachment with economic, environmental and agronomic benefits.

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SureFire Ag Logo

Great Plains and SureFire Ag announce new marketing agreement

SALINA, KS – Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc., and SureFire Ag Systems, Inc., of Atwood, Kansas, are pleased to announce a cooperative marketing agreement regarding Great Plains’ Nutri-Pro® line of fertilizer application equipment.

Great Plains Turbo-Seeder™ Attachment for Turbo-Max®

Great Plains Introduces Cover Crop Seeder Attachment

SALINA, Kansas. – With an increased focus on conservation and soil health, Great Plains introduces the new Turbo-Seeder™ Attachment for Turbo-Max®.

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Great Plains Introduces 1206NT Drill

Great Plains Introduces Versatile 12-Foot Drill

SALINA, Kansas. – Great Plains announces the addition of a new 12ˈ no-till drill. The Great Plains 1206NT End Wheel Drill builds off the success of its predecessor, the 1205NT, to provide a versatile, economical seeding solution.

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Anhydrous Coulter receives 2015 FinOvation Award

SALINA, Kansas. – The Great Plains Nutri-Pro® Anhydrous Coulter row unit has been named a 2015 FinOvation Honoree by Farm Industry News.

FinOvation award winners were selected based on reader interest in new products covered by Farm Industry News from November 2013 to October 2014, both in print and online. The Nutri-Pro® Anhydrous Coulter is one of 20 agricultural innovations to receive recognition this year.

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After enduring several seasons of intense field testing, the new 7000 Series Disk Harrow has proven itself a productive addition to Great Plains’ line of tillage equipment.

Great Plains introduces max-tested 7000 Series Disk Harrow

SALINA, Kansas – After enduring several seasons of intense field testing, the new 7000 Series Disk Harrow has proven itself a productive addition to Great Plains’ line of tillage equipment.

While the new model utilizes its predecessor’s double offset gang configuration, the 7000 Series features several upgrades for enhanced efficiency and performance, including an improved lift hydraulic system, axle design and leveling system.

Great Plains introduces the Ultra-Chisel™

Great Plains announces heavy-duty, maintenance-free chisel plow

SALINA, Kansas – Great Plains introduces the Ultra-Chisel™, a durable, low-maintenance tillage machine designed to endure rough ground conditions for consistent field performance.

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Great Plains Nutri-Pro®3000-12C30 offers precise, efficient anhydrous application

Nutri-Pro®3000-12C30 offers precise, efficient anhydrous application

SALINA, Kansas – With the introduction of an anhydrous coulter machine, Great Plains adds efficiency, accuracy, and versatility to its line of Nutri-Pro® Precision nutrient applicators, offering operators a multi-functional machine.

Yield-Pro Planter

Great Plains Planters comply with Best Management Practices for Pollinator Protection

SALINA, Kansas – In an effort to reduce pollinator exposure to Neonicotinoid Insecticides during corn and soybean planting, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently released Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Responsible Use of Insecticide-Treated Seed.

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New Air-Pro Meter

Media Contact: Doug Burgardt, International Marketing Coordinator
Subject: Canola Disc for Yield-Pro® Planters
Reference No.: 1170G-GPI
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Air-Pro® Meter Design Changed for Singulating Canola; Improves System for Metering All Crops


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Lister Cultivator Transport

SALINA, KS – In response to growing customer demand for a price-competitive alternative to the competition, Great Plains is introducing its new LC40 Lister Cultivator model this spring. The LC40 Lister Cultivator is built in the spirit of other Great Plains equipment with a focus on innovation, functionality, and toughness.

The LC40 Lister Cultivator combines a stack-fold toolbar with versatile parallel linkage row units. The parallel linkage and depth band coulters allow for precise depth gauging on individual rows. The row units can be configured to 30", 36", 38", and 40" row spacings. Users can configure it as a lister or turn it into a row crop cultivator with rear sweeps.


Great Plains was one of the first ag manufacturers to produce vertical tillage tools when it began delivering the original Turbo-Till model back in 2002. A couple of years later a heavy duty model went into production sporting thicker blades and heavy duty gauge wheels. A Series ll Turbo-Till model was introduced in late 2007. The Series ll model boasted a stronger frame, greater weight per gang, and a beefier transport axle.

Fast forward to today and we have the completely new vertical tillage machine rolling down Great Plains state-of-the-art production line in Ellsworth, KS. Its name is Turbo-Max.

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