"Bragging just a little on twin-row corn..."

From Jimmie M., Eastern Virginia:

"WARNING! We're gonna brag just a little bit here on twin-row corn!

We just finished picking the best corn crop we’ve ever raised.

It was planted no-till into a rye cover crop broadcast after a single Turbo-Chopper® pass last fall. None of this ground has had anything but TRUE vertical tillage since 1992, and even that has been minimal. We planted in 30" twins with our Great Plains YP625A at a 30,000 population. Our ground is sandy loam.  Rains could not have been more timely early in the season, but, in August, we received only .2". Heavier ground got 220 pounds N, lighter got 200 pounds. Starter applied with planter 2" off the row, with Monty’s Agrihance S in the furrow.

The best field yielded 233 bushels per acre. The WORST yielded 219! These are “dry” bushels, and test weight ran in the low 60’s. We heard of neighbors with test weight as low as 53. The smallest ears we saw were 8 and 8.5 inches, but they came from the same stalk! Most ears were 10" or better in length. There was absolutely no tip-back, every kernel filled. Even the “nubbins” filled out 90%.

Stalk height ran 12ˈ or better (as high, or higher, than the roof on an IH 1440 combine). We picked most of the time with the header raised all the way. Pioneer has discontinued this variety, because they have had complaints of lodging due to height. Very little if any of ours went down, even with 5.2" of rain and some pretty good winds from Hurricane Joaquin. We think the stalk strength was enhanced due to the twin-row planting.

These are NOT test plot results! Our OVERALL FARM AVERAGE was 226 bushels per acre! This is 60 bushels per acre better than our previous best, and 100 bushels per acre better than our county’s 2009-2013 five-year average!

The first year we planted any twin-row corn, we had a bad drought. We hoped to get 80 bushels. We picked 125!

Anybody who says there is nothing to twin-row planting is sadly mistaken. We never again intend to plant a corn crop in 30" rows, as long as we can get our hands on a Great Plains Yield-Pro® TWIN-ROW planter!

We’ve always wanted to pick a crop that averaged better than 200 bushels per acre. Now that we have, all we can say is, “On to 300!”


P.S. Okay, so we bragged more than a just a little bit!"