PD8070 Planter

Model Numbers


Product Description

Simplicity Rules

Simplicity rules on this 8 row planter. The PD8070 is designed for 70cm row spacing and dry fertilizer application.

On the row unit, Precision Planting Population MaxTM (Finger Pick-up) meters accurately singulate the seed for precise spacing. Vantage II Fertilizer coulters are designed for application of fertilizer in no-till, minimum-till and conventional planting conditions. Unit mounted coulters for no-till applications are available with Great Plains patented 1.6cm wide turbo coulter blade.

Product Features

Vantage II Dry Fertilizer Coulters

Standard on the PD8070 are these 46cm smooth coulter blades with spring loaded wiper wheels.

Press Wheel

The 1x12 Double V press wheel option has a design that closes the seed trench with aggressive pinching action. It provides excellent depth control in most conditions.

Precision Planting Population MaxTM (Finger Pick-up)

Finger design accommodates a broad range of seed sizes and shapes, while a stiffer finger holder keeps fingers firmly on top of the seed.

Dry Fertilizer

This unit comes standard with four separate hoppers each with 250 kg of fertilizer capacity.

Product Specifications

Model Working Width (m) Base Weight (kg) No. of Rows Row Spacing (cm) Hopper Capacity Power Req. (hp)
PD8070 5.6 3114 8 70

Seed 8x70.5L

Dry Fert  4x250kg