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Hemp Seed Disc

Hemp Seed Disc

To meet the needs of today’s industrial hemp growers, Great Plains has developed specially-designed hemp seed discs for the PL Series and Yield-Pro® Planters to achieve precise seed placement. The hemp disc is part of an extensive list of Air-Pro® Meter discs, including those for seeding corn, soybeans, peanuts, sorghum, sunflowers, cotton, canola, wheat, and sugar beets.

Fiber, seed production, and cannabinoid (CBD) oil production are all avenues being pursued by hemp growers. The input costs for producing an industrial hemp crop are largely influenced by the cost of the seed. The seed expense for CBD oil hemp varieties is one of the most costly inputs per acre of any cultivated crop. Therefore, accurate seed singulation and spacing is crucial for producers who are interested in direct seeding their industrial hemp crop.

Industrial hemp seed can prove difficult to accurately plant due to its unique shape and weight. Genetic potential and capability of hemp plants varies greatly between oil, fiber, and seed varieties. 

The uses for industrial hemp are vast, making it one of the most diverse plants used for agricultural purposes. CBD oil is one of the most common uses; however, paper, clothing, textiles, plastics, and many other fiber, fuel, and feed products can be produced.




New features include:

The 5-cell hemp seed disc is designed specifically for low population seeding rates ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 seeds per acre. It is capable of 98% singulation accuracy at planting speeds up to 6.0 mph on row spacings ranging from 20" to 60" to achieve uniform seed spacing.

The 30-cell hemp seed disc can handle higher populations from 6,000 to 45,000 seeds per acre at speeds of 5.0 mph with 90% singulation accuracy.

Positive air metering offers the highest level of singulation on the market today, and achieves uniform spacing by “dead-dropping” the seed into the trench.

Both lab and field tests led Great Plains engineers to develop an industry-leading hemp seed pocket within the seed disc that ensures the accurate singulation of hemp seeds.