• 5000 Series Row Unit

New 5000 Series Row Unit

5000 Series Row Unit

The all-new 5000 Series Air-Pro® Meter provides excellent singulation and accuracy using a positive-air system that “dead drops” seed into the patented Clear-Shot® Seed Tube to achieve uniform spacing. This process differs from competitive vacuum meters that encounter an “early” and “late” release, resulting in inconsistent and uneven seed spacing. The Air-Pro Meter is designed to handle a wide variety of crops, such as corn, soybeans, sunflowers, cotton, and even smaller seeds, such as milo and canola. 






New features include:

New 5000 Series Air-Pro® Meter - This simple, positive air pressure meter has been re-engineered to provide industry-leading singulation for a wide variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, peanuts, and more. The new meter includes a 66% larger seed pool and a 92% larger seed inlet opening so the meter stays full at higher speeds. The redesigned seed pool door has a wider range of travel to ensure that the cells in the meter wheel are adequately fed, skips are prevented, and large seed varieties are handled as successfully as small seeds.







Individual Row Control (IRC Electric Drive) - Optional IRC reduces maintenance by eliminating all chains and shafts, while the individual meter control saves seed through on-demand variable rate and row-by-row section control. IRC ensures equal seed spacing to maximize field potential, even when navigating curves and contours.







Shorter Closing Wheels - The new 5000 Series Row Unit utilizes shorter closing wheel mounts on select row spacings to achieve appropriate seed-to-soil contact and enhanced closing accuracy around curves, contours, and difficult field conditions. Combined with the newly-designed meter, the new row unit provides excellent singulation and seed placement for a variety of crops.







Customizable Row Units - With a choice of seed firmers, row cleaners, coulters, fertilizer tubes, and other options, producers can customize their row units specifically for their individual conditions.


15" Opener Blades with 1/2" Leading Edge - The row unit’s 15-inch opener blades are offset ½" to effectively handle residue and rugged soil conditions. The offset allows one blade to cut ahead of the other for single-edge cutting action. This alignment is more effective in hard ground and high-residue conditions than blades that are aligned side by side.



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