Great Plains Offers Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 Fertilizer Spreader by Kverneland

Great Plains is pleased to offer the Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 by Kverneland through its network of U.S. dealers. The Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 fertilizer spreader provides quick, accurate section control through a center-flow spreading system. Great Plains debuted the spreader at its 2018 National Dealer Meeting in Des Moines.

“The Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 is 100 percent ISOBUS compatible, so it can work with any ISOBUS terminal that is AEF certified,” says Rye DeGarmo, Vice President of Engineering with Great Plains. “It also allows for GPS-controlled spreading or variable-rate spreading according to application maps.”

The Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 regulates section control within 6.5-foot sections, with a maximum of 24 sections and the possibility to switch sections over the middle, keeping unnecessary overlaps to a minimum. Sections are controlled by changing the position of the fertilizer discharge point on the disc and the rate per minute. As the disc speed is unchanged during section control, the overlap between both discs is controlled to prevent variations in the spreading pattern, and sections can be turned on and off very quickly. There are two actuators in each disc: one to control the discharge point and the other to control the application rate.

“The Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 has a 110-bushel capacity, so you can cover a lot of ground before needing to refill, and it spreads fertilizer more than 175 feet,” DeGarmo says. “A low-speed agitator keeps fertilizer moving through the spreader, allowing it to be spread more accurately to further increase yields.”

These easy-to-operate Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 spreaders are durably built for many years of trouble-free use. The spreader is compact and comes standard with a grading box that determines the fertilizer characteristics and quality.

“The GEOspread’s CentreFlow system has four vanes per disc that allow the fertilizer to be handled gently as it spreads in a triangular-shaped distribution pattern with double overlap,” says DeGarmo. “Because the Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 is a weighing spreader, it automatically calibrates, giving farmers the advantage of speedy, highly accurate spreading while placing just the right amount of fertilizer.”

Other features on the Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 include an LED lighting set, four 5-ton load cells for accurate weighing and a reference sensor. The Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 also has the ability to automatically correct on slopes and adjust for shocks, maintaining its high accuracy, even in rough terrain and hilly conditions.

The Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 will be available for purchase in 2018. To learn more about the new spreader, contact your local Great Plains dealer.