Great Plains Offers Efficient, Effective Kverneland Plow Lineup

Great Plains customers know and appreciate the reputation for high-quality and innovative products. Great Plains has partnered with Kverneland to offer U.S. farmers one of the world’s most robust and reliable plow lines. Great Plains introduced the Kverneland plow lineup at the Great Plains National Dealer Meeting in Des Moines.

“The European-designed Kverneland plow fits well into Great Plains’ domestic line of tillage products,” says Rye DeGarmo, Vice President of Engineering with Great Plains. “Great Plains by Kverneland plows help improve farmers’ efficiency and profitability by allowing them to do more work in fewer passes.”

Today’s producers continue to fight ever-challenging weeds that rob moisture and nutrients from their crops, and few tools are as effective as a plow when it comes to killing those weeds. Growers must also manage increasingly stubborn crop residue. Plowing allows growers to bury crop residue, leaving a clean surface for seeders and/or planters to run through.

“Plowing helps heavy, wet soils dry and warm up more quickly in the spring, which allows for more timely planting and improved seedbed conditions,” says Blake Bergkamp, Great Plains Sales Agronomist. “It also allows growers to incorporate dry or liquid products, such as litter and manure, directly to the root level for the future crop, ensuring late-season availability of nutrients. This creates the foundation for an ideal seedbed. Addressing these challenges leads to higher yields, more efficient nutrient utilization, and reduced time in the field.”

Great Plains is offering an outstanding lineup of Kverneland plows:

EO-100 Series with Variomat®—The EO-100 Series 5 or 6 furrow plow offers high performance for on-land or in-furrow operations. The driver can hydraulically control the mainframe to move the plow to the desired position. The Kverneland steel, heat treatments, and design allow this plow to excel even in the toughest conditions. Kverneland EO-100 Series plows also feature Variomat hydraulic working width adjustments, allowing for quick and easy plow bottom working width changes from the tractor cab, even on the go.

PW-100 Series with Variomat—The PW-100 Series “3-in-1” plows consist of a robust, semi-mounted, reversible plow in the front and a mounted, reversible plow at the rear. This unique design offers farmers the flexibility to choose the right combination for any soil condition, using the entire plow or utilizing only the front or rear plow sections. The rear plow can even be easily uncoupled and used alone, and only takes a short time to unhook or join the sections. A three-point linkage system allows the PW-100 Series plows to operate like standard mounted plows, smoothly following the terrain.

Packomat—The Packomat combines plow and packer into an efficient and environmentally friendly tillage attachment that reduces the number of passes needed. The Kverneland implement was designed for all soil conditions, packing whatever is plowed. The Packomat changes sides automatically in the plow-reversing process, and is rigidly mounted via a packer arm made of a specially hardened spring steel to create the right field pressure. With depth wheels on one side of the plow and the Packomat on the other side, the plow is evenly balanced with less wear and requires 25 percent less pulling effort, substantially reducing fuel consumption.

Variomat®—Kverneland’s patented adjustable plow-width system creates an optimal match between soil conditions, the plow, and the tractor to maximize output. The system ensures that parallel linkage is maintained along the entire plow and automatically makes pulling-line adjustments. The benefits include easy handling and minimized wear and tear, making Variomat one of the most reliable systems on the market. With Variomat, furrow width and depth adjustments are made hydraulically on the go from the driver’s seat, keeping rows straighter and simplifying working up or around obstacles.

Great Plains and Kverneland are both known worldwide for delivering some of the most respected agricultural equipment. Together, this line up of plows is no exception. Kverneland’s innovative steel technologies have been used for more than 135 years to produce special steels and heat treatment processes that result in stronger, lighter plows with industry-leading wear resistance.

The Great Plains by Kverneland plow lineup will be available for purchase in 2018 through select U.S. Great Plains dealers. To learn more about the new plow lineup, visit or your local Great Plains dealer.