Great Plains Delivers Canola Singulation

Great Plains Seed Disc Offers Precise Canola Singulation
Great Plains Seed Disc Offers Precise Canola Singulation

With the popularity of canola on the rise across the United States, Great Plains is bringing singulation and spacing accuracy to producers seeding canola. A specially designed canola seed disc delivers singulation and precise placement of costly canola seed, in contrast to broadcast seeding methods. The canola disc is part of an extensive list of Air-Pro® Meter Discs for seeding corn, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, cotton, wheat, and sugar beets.

Additionally, the Air-Pro® Meter’s brushes and seed tube have been optimized for seeding canola. Modifications to the brushes and seed tube not only allow for canola singulation, but have also improved its performance for planting other small seeds, such as milo. Seeds that are used at low rates and prone to static cling will benefit from these changes to the Air-Pro® Meter.

Air-Pro® Meters are available on all Great Plains Yield-Pro® Planters. On some models, the Yield-Pro® Planter’s 25-Series Row Unit is capable of row spacings as narrow as 10 inches (25.4 cm) – which is especially significant for canola.

For growers who want to convert an existing Great Plains Yield-Pro® Planter, a Canola Field Kit is available for purchase. Kits include the canola disc as well as the improved brushes and seed tube.