Great Plains Introduces New Five-Section Chisel Plow

Great Plains Introduces New Five-Section Chisel Plow
New five-section Ultra-Chisel™

To accommodate the needs of today’s large acreage farmers, Great Plains is expanding its line of heavy-duty chisel plows with a new Ultra-Chisel™ model. Ranging from 39 to 45 feet wide, the new five-section Ultra-Chisel offers wider working widths than the original models, which were released in 2015.

“We are proud to introduce the five-section Ultra-Chisels in 2016, which offer a wide working width in the field, along with narrow road transport,” said Great Plains Vice President of Sales Mike Cleveland.

The Ultra-Chisel features a rocking bolster system on the center rockshaft to provide even, steady depth control in changing field conditions. With 900 lb. trip force, these machines are ideal for tillage in the 8-inch depth range.

“The rocking bolster system provides consistent depth control in undulating field conditions,” said Cleveland. “It gives the Ultra-Chisel unmatched depth uniformity on a large tillage tool in the chisel marketplace today.”

The Ultra-Chisel is designed to completely till the entire 6- to 8-inch soil profile and, in many cases, eliminate the need for a follow-up pass prior to the seedbed preparation pass. Several point options are available, depending on the operator’s goals and field conditions.

To create a vertically-tilled soil environment, the Ultra-Chisel can be equipped with 7-inch wing points, specially designed to create total fracture across the entire profile instead of only leaving slots in the soil. Alternatively, large 12- or 16-inch cultivator sweeps can be used for deep tillage and weed control. Optional rear-leveling attachments include a five-bar high-residue spike harrow, a three-bar heavy coil tine, or a combination of harrows with a finishing reel.