Great Plains Introduces New 30ˈ Stack-fold Planter

Great Plains Introduces New 30ˈ Stack-fold Planter
3P3025AH Planter

Developed specifically for the Delta region, but with nationwide appeal, Great Plains has released a new 30-foot stack-fold planter with individual hoppers. The simple, yet rugged, 3P3025AH Planter was designed in response to the popularity of its 40-foot predecessor.

“The 3P3025AH offers growers a unique variety of row spacings that are less common in the stack-fold planter marketplace today,” said Mike Cleveland, Great Plains Vice President of Sales. These include 15-inch single- and twin-row configurations, as well as 20-, 22-, 30-, 36-, and 38-inch single-row designs.

In addition to diverse row spacing options, users can expect simplicity of operation and accurate seeding from this new machine. Equipped with Great Plains’ exclusive Air-Pro® Meter and 25 Series Row Units, the 3P3025AH is designed to place seed at the desired depth, firm it in the seed trench, and close the seed trench to support maximum yields. The 3P3025AH’s three sections provide valuable flexibility and terrain-following abilities.

With a compact stack design, narrow 15-foot transport width, and low transport height, the 3P3025AH also offers safer, more convenient travel compared to other stack-fold machines. For lower-horsepower tractors with limited lift capacity, hydraulic lift assist is available.