Great Plains Launches Grain and Fertiliser Drill Options

New grain and fertiliser drills launched by Great Plains
New grain and fertiliser drills launched by Great Plains

Great Plains has added grain and fertiliser variants to its existing grain only 3, 4 and 6-metre Centurion cultivator drill ranges. The first Centurion grain and fertiliser model to make its debut in the UK was the 4-metre machine which drew large crowds at this year’s Cereals event and was also the star attraction on the Great Plains stand at The Royal Highland Show soon afterwards.

In addition, fertiliser application is now available on 3-metre and 4-metre Saxon minimal disturbance drills and is an option on the very latest addition to the Saxon line-up, the 6-metre model, which also made its UK public debut recently.

“The new fertiliser options have been added to speed up emergence and promote the best possible start for young seedlings particularly in the spring, which is crucial to optimising output for spring crops. This latest development across our Saxon and Centurion ranges has been driven by extensive trials over the past three years seeding into cover crop as part of resistance black grass trials with Agrovista,” explained Great Plains Sales Director, David Holmes.

“The fact that we are placing fertiliser at the time of seeding and closer to the seed, either in line with the seed utilising the Great Plains double shoot system, or as a side dressing, offers other important benefits apart from timeliness of emergence, such as reduced input costs and improved weed control,” he added.

The double shoot design, on 3-metre and 4-metre models, comprises a Crary fan unit and two metering units independently feeding seed and dry fertiliser to each opener via single venturi outlets and two towers, one for grain and one for fertiliser. Larger 6-metre models have dual venturi outlets, with half-width on both for calibration and half-width shut-off, and four towers, two each for grain and fertiliser. The fertiliser is placed through a choice of either forward or rear facing fertiliser tubes.

An adjustable partition in the hopper enables percentage grain to fertiliser division of 60/40 or 50/50. Hopper capacities are 3000 litres as standard on 3-metre and 4-metre models. A 4000 litre hopper is offered as an option on 4-metre drills and is standard on 6-metre models.

Independent ‘on the move’ variable rate control for both grain and fertiliser, provides maximum efficiency where nutrient requirements change within varying field conditions.

Higher application rates of up to 400kg/ha are achievable largely due to the new design of distribution head and venturis. The new design also gives a more even distribution of the seed across the full width of the drill profile and better seed spacing in the linear row.