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Products and Implements: United States

Why choose vertical tillage? Because it leaves a uniform, unrestricted soil profile that promotes maximum root development and increased yields.

Enjoy the benefits of both vertical and conventional tillage with our line of hybrid tillage implements.

Our dependable conventional tillage line stands out from the competition, due to some unconventional features.

Our field-proven air drill design centers around our double disc openers, combining rugged dependability with exceptional accuracy and depth control.

With the industry’s most accurate and dependable seed delivery system, our compact drill line delivers solutions for a wide variety of applications.

We are the seed placement specialists! Our drills are designed to maximize yield with exceptional seed spacing, seed depth, and seed-to-soil contact.

As an industry leader in seeding equipment, we’ve got the tools you need to successfully plant cover crops and enhance your soil’s health.

Every one of our bee-friendly Yield-Pro® Planters incorporates key features that enable you to produce outstanding yields, season after season.

Find the perfect grounds-maintenance solution with our diverse line of multi-spindle rotary cutters.

Take your Great Plains implement to the next level by matching it to one of our quality hitches!

These weighing spreaders include integrated section control to provide crops with an efficient dose of nutr