Customer Stories

The following stories and photos were submitted by customers about their Great Plains products. We'd like to hear your stories as well! If you have a story about a Great Plains product, please share it with us by filling out our Customer Feedback form.


From Rodney Wilson & Brad Beutke, Clinton, IL:

Testimonial Video

From Troy McDonald, Bailey, TX:

Troy McDonald talks about his TM1000 Turbo-Max.

Testimonial Video

From Ryan McCoin, Paris, TX:

Ryan McCoin shares his experience with his Great Plains Hipper Bedder.

Testimonial Video

From Walter C., Walnut Hill, IL:

"Old, like I am, but still going strong. It has been easy to work on and still gives me a stand that lets me raise some of the best beans in the county. I have pulled this drill for a long time with a lot of different tractors. I do maintain it every year, but it is still going strong after 37 years. It gives me a good stand. I like it."

From Zack K., Marshall, MO:

"I have a Great Plains solid stand 15' drill. Great Plains equipment has always been good to me."

From Blake L., Nova, OH:

"The Turbo-Max has been the best tillage tool we've ever run. It works for everything from hay ground to beans and corn. Definitely one of the best on the market! Very happy with it!"

From Bill H., Point Arena, CA:

"Very well-built drill! It is going to be a great help restoring my pastures."

From Hayden J., Reddick, IL:

"Love running this tool every fall. So much fun going faster!"

From David L., Amity, OR:

This is my second Great Plains 1500 no-till drill. I do custom planting and I have planted in ground in a variety of conditions. The Great Plains no-till system with the center pivot hitch does an excellent job in a variety of conditions. I am very happy with it."

From Chris L., Canada:

"Great product quality! Built to last."

From Tyler J., Brewster, KS:

"New-to-me grain drill. Love my first Great Plains product!"

From Bruce D., Tionesta, PA:

"I purchased a 606NT in 2018. I can plant anything with this drill: soybeans, green beans, field peas, small grains, clovers, warm season grasses, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, sunflowers, milo, millet, and corn. So versatile!"

From Clayton O., Kempton, PA:

"A few years ago, we purchased a YP625-12TR. We love the even emergence even in harsh no-till conditions."

From Pierre R., Moultrie, GA:

"I purchased the 3P606-NT compact drill to plant my soybeans and various other seeds for production and food plots. Great Plains was a great choice as I have successfully planted my beans for the 2020 season. The versatility of the drill is evident by its ability to plant sorghum, sunflowers, sun hemp, and peas with quick and easy adjustments. This was my first try at planting myself and I am very please with the performance of the 3P606-NT drill."

From Don O., Oberlin, OH:

"In 1994, my 8-year old son wrote to Great Plains. Roy Applequist wrote him back and sent him a video of the equipment working, which led to me buying a grain drill. Thirty-four years later, the drill still performs great! Please keep responding to young boys and making their dreams come true."

From Jed K., Centerville, PA:

"Our Turbo-Max is a great finishing ground tool for leveling and getting the soil ready to be planted. This vertical design allows us to keep rocks from surfacing and retain the smoothness for harvesting season. With the ability to angle the gangs, it re-levels areas that are rough in places to keep ground in best condition. This Turbo-Max has been a great tool for our tillage and planting regimen. Thank you, Great Plains Ag!"

From Connor M., Canada:

"Our Great Plains grain drill is built tough, especially for the conditions we put it through here in Nova Scotia."

From Mike B., Edwall, WA:

"These drills have served me well over the years, and are still my back-up in case of emergency!"

From Brian H., Columbus Grove, OH:

"The Disc-O-Vator is a must in the spring. We struggled with our old field cultivator, but this tool has proven to work."

From Mathew S., Wooster, OH:

"I purchased a Turbo-Max 1800, and it had been an excellent tool to prepare a perfect seedbed. This machine work as advertised!"

From Larry S., Canada:

"I purchased a 1300 End Wheel drill used this year. I started planting and mixed grain this past week. Works great!"

From Lance G., Canada:

"The drill is very accurate and the calibration component allows for effective seeding without wasting seed or time."

From Jack, Ruth, and Tim N., New York:

"Jack N. from New York is enjoying his new 706-NT compact drill and continues to be amazed how well it is built and nicely it works. Although he is 85 years old, keeping the farm "looking right" is important and knows this is a key piece of equipment to help do that. Perhaps equally important to keeping the equipment running is Jack’s wife, Ruth, who supplies a steady supply of lemonade (and who wrote the check for the 706-NT!)."

Submitted on behalf of Jack and Ruth N. by their son, Tim.

From Gerald R., North Carolina:

"Hard to beat the solid stand 10! Best drill I’ve owned. Looking to upgrade to a 1006-NT someday!"

From Brad A., Virginia:

"We've been using Great Plains products on our farm for over 20 years. They are simple, dependable and gets the job done. Simple as that. We've had great luck with our Turbo-Chopper and grain drills."