Customer Stories

The following stories and photos were submitted by customers about their Great Plains products. We'd like to hear your stories as well! If you have a story about a Great Plains product, please share it with us by filling out our Customer Feedback form.


From Rodney Wilson & Brad Beutke, Clinton, IL:

Testimonial Video

From Troy McDonald, Bailey, TX:

Troy McDonald talks about his TM1000 Turbo-Max.

Testimonial Video

From Ryan McCoin, Paris, TX:

Ryan McCoin shares his experience with his Great Plains Hipper Bedder.

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From Sheldon F., Florida:

"We got a new Turbo-Max® back in 2016. It is a great tool to have. Works perfect for working in cover crops!"

From Nicholas B., New Brunswick, Canada:

"We have had this drill for a few years now and have been very impressed with its performance for establishing forage stands in no-till and conventional ground. It has been very low maintenance and is heavily-built. In this photo, I am establishing a forage variety trial for a local soil and crop improvement association."

From Trent H., Southern Minnesota:

"Just bought my drill at an auction. We just got 8 inches of snow, but we can't wait to use it."

From Noah M., Pennsylvania:

"Really impressed with my 1006NT. It is easy to use and mechanically simple."

From Steve V., Southern Colorado:

"Finally found a unit that fractures the hardpan. Traditional V rippers are a thing of the past."

From Phillip B., Northwestern Mississippi:

"I have been around 6 Great Plains Twin-Row Planters and I have never had a complaint about any of them. All have been awesome to operate." 

From Doug S., South Carolina:

"Great product. I have owned it for 3 years. I use it to plant 500 acres of rye cover crops every year, and I also run it across all corn stalks instead of rotary cutting. Total acres run a year is about 1,500. Picture taken after last corn field finished in preparation for 2018 crops."

From Keith W., Indiana:

"We have been using our Great Plains Turbo-Max® for almost 5 years now. It is one of the best implements on the farm. It sizes residue perfectly and also prepares one of the best seedbeds for no-till corn."

From Chase S., Illinois:

"We love our Great Plains Disc-O-Vator® 8552. The front disc gang does a great job of cutting through tall weeds or standing corn stalks. It does a great job of not ridging. The rear harrow leaves a level seedbed that is perfect for planting. We have also owned a Turbo-Till 2200 for over 10 years now. The Turbo-Till works great on corn stalks in the fall or in the spring just before planting. We also use the Turbo-Till on our strip mine ground where conventional tillage cannot be used. On the strip mine ground, it does a great job of incorporating residue without kicking up rocks.

From Andy A., Colorado:

"We currently own 4 Great Plains drills – 3 grass drills and 1 grain drill. All are excellent drills!"

From Matthew S., Missouri:

"Bought Turbo-Max® in Fall 2017. Sizes corn residue very well and pins the residue to the soil's surface. Looking forward to using it as a one trip finishing tool this spring!"

From Brian N., Texas:

"I love my Great Plains No-Till Drill. It gets the job done under any pasture condition from plowed to thick grass. This drill is built tough and user-friendly."

From Rick C., Southern Idaho:

"This drill is awesome. We switched from the Dickey John system and installed the IntelliAG system."

From Hubert K., Alabama:

"I haven't used it yet, but I am excited to use it. If it operates as good as it looks, should be a great fit for our operation."

From Craig N., Iowa:

"Our 2400 Turbo-Max® is a great product and is well built!"

From Dennis S., Southeastern Nebraska:

"Our 1006NT has allowed us to start a business drilling CRP and native grasses."

From Frank M. , Northeastern Massachusetts:

"We love our Great Plains No-Till Drill. It has performed awesome and been quite versatile in all conditions from prepared seedbed to no-till in sod."

From Eric M., Northeastern Oklahoma:

"When I bought this drill, I knew it would need some repair before planting. I was inspired to go beyond the repairs and actually restore the 1984 3PD12 drill. It took about two and a half months to finish. After months of reconditioning, we put it to the test to drill forage for our cattle. Still works great and looks great too!"

From Cliff M., Northern Maryland:

"This is my Grandfather running a Great Plains no-till drill for the first time."

From Thomas P., Eastern South Dakota:

"This is our 3rd Great Plains 20' drill. They plant really well in tough no-till conditions!"

"...maintenance is very easy..." | 3S-3000 Drill

From Cameron L., South Dakota:

"The maintenance is very easy to do on my Great Plains Drill. This means more time with it in the ground and less with it in the shop."

" great!" | Great Plains 1500 Drill

From Nick J., British Columbia, Canada:

"Our new 1500 Drill finishing up before a good rain. Our first piece of Great Plains equipment and it works great! Also have a CPH15 Coulter Cart for it, used for overseeding grass. The results have been impressive."