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No-till drilling is one of the best ways to ensure a successful cover crop stand!

Make more use of your planter investment by precision planting cover crops!

Broadcast seeding with vertical tillage is a fast, efficient cover crop seeding method!

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1006NT Drill

Great Plains 1006NT 10' End Wheel No-Till Drill

10' End Wheel No-Till Compact Drill

Ideal for food plots to feed production, the 1006NT Drill combines the productivity of a large drill with a compact drill’s versatility.

This 10' end wheel no-till drill is perfect for seeding into pasture renovations and food plots. The 1006NT has long been used by farmers and cattlemen, conservation groups like Pheasants Forever and NRCS for rental machines, and roadside contractors who need simple-to-operate, yet durable machines.

3S-4010HD & 3S-4010HDF Drill

Great Plains 3S-4010HD 40' Heavy-Duty Drill

40' 3-Section Heavy-Duty No-Till Drill

The Great Plains 3S-4010HD is a drill that can get big jobs done in a hurry! Its heavy-duty frame is equipped with enough weight to handle hard ground and the toughest double crop conditions. The drill’s six massive 18 x 22.5 tires keep it afloat when things are soggy in the spring.


Great Plains 1206NT End Wheel No-Till Drill

12' No-Till Drill

Great Plains delivers a highly economical seeding solution in the versatile 1206NT Drill, which can simultaneously seed up to three different seeds at different rates.