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Our Drills Are Flexible Because Your Time Isn't!

We know life as a farmer requires flexibility. That's why Great Plains drills are designed with flexibility – to save you time and money. Whether you're planting small grain crops or challenging cover crop mixes, our heavy-duty drills are versatile and field-proven.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the ways the Great Plains HD Drill line gives you the flexibility to grow your next crop— and your bottom line. 

Minimize fill time to keep you in the field longer.

Time in the field is time spent away from family and other activities you enjoy. With the largest-in-class seed boxes at 3.2 bu./ft. capacity, Great Plains drills can keep you up and running in the field and reduce fill time, helping you finish fields faster. These drills also have the strength to be transported full. The high-capacity seed boxes can also be split to include dry fertilizer, adding to the utility and flexibility of our drills. With Great Plains drills, even your time spent in the field becomes more efficient, giving you a little more flexibility for your hectic farm schedule.

Plant over terraces and eliminate double-drilling.

Another benefit provided by Great Plains drills is the ability to flex over terraces and follow the contours of your fields. Using constant hydraulic down pressure with two cylinders per sub-frame, this drill has openers that keep uniform contact with the ground, allowing it to flex over uneven ground. This helps to eliminate the need for double-drilling, saving you time and expensive seed.

Get seed in the right place the first time.

You've probably heard someone say, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time." At Great Plains, we believe in giving seeds their best possible start. Our drills our designed to place seed in the right place the first time, saving you time and costly inputs like seed and fertilizer. Using full-length seed tubes with trailing flaps, the seed is gently guided to the bottom of the trench for optimum seed placement.

Fluted feed meters also aid in planting accuracy. With a wide variety of seed shapes and sizes, the fluted feed cup design maintains precise delivery in fast or slow drilling conditions, and allows accurate metering of the most challenging cover crop mixes.

For cover crops, accurate seed metering involves more than simply achieving the correct seeding rate. The different sizes of seed included in the mix can be challenging because many mixes contain seed as small as canola and some as large as Jerry oats. Many competitive metering systems will favor larger or smaller seeds, defeating the purpose of planting a cover crop mix. These features help to ensure efficient use of inputs and boost yields, giving you a little added flexibility for your bottom line.

For even higher accuracy, consider running calibration tests before planting. Calibrating the Great Plains fluted feed meters is a simple, yet effective way to maximize your seed inputs. A calibration guide can be found in each drill’s seed-rate manual. A seed cup calibration tool (part number 817-459C) can also be ordered from your Great Plains dealer to ensure the accuracy of your drill. Click here to see how the calibration tool works.

A durable design that's ready to go to work when you are.

Our drills are designed for reliability and durability, giving you the flexibility to work when you want to. The 00HD Opener system is known for its rugged dependability, accuracy, and ability to accept many press wheel options. Our heavy, 4mm blades with 6-dimple flanges and 205 triple-lip seal bearings make these some of the toughest, most durable openers on the market.

With the composite T-handle depth control assembly, wear is virtually eliminated because the press wheel arm pushes directly against the composite block of the T-handle assembly. A combination of positive depth control and robot-welded openers ensures consistent depth across the entire drill.

Many competitive drills utilize a combination of linkage and steel-on-steel contact that leads to inconsistent seeding depth and poor stands. Depth issues on competitive drills only compound themselves with time and wear.

Press wheel options give added flexibility for your fields.

  • Min-till and light residue no-till conditions: The 3” x 13” dual rib press wheel is recognized as one of the most versatile press wheel options in the industry. The dual-rib design allows the press wheel to aggressively pinch and seal the seed trench closed. This press wheel is versatile with a wide footprint to stay on top of the soil in loosely-worked ground conditions. It also ensures that the seed trench is closed in moist, unworked ground, even with residue or cover crops present.
  • Min-till and conventional till situations: The 3" x 13" Center Rib (B) is a great choice for min-till and conventional till conditions. The combination of flotation and flexible rubber provide excellent depth control and the ability to shed moist soil from the tires. In clay-type soils where crusting is a concern following planting, the center rib will provide a small break in the soil to help sensitive seedlings emerge in the toughest of soil conditions.
  • Fields with a high percentage of wheat in rotation: The 2" x 13" Single Press Wheel (A) provides a firmer press over the seed and a higher soil ridge between the rows.
  • Fields with continuous wheat operations with sandy soil: The 3" x 14" Peaked Wheel (E) is a specialty wheel used to increase pressure on the seed and to maximize the soil ridge between the rows.
  • Fields with a high percentage of soybeans in rotation: The 1" x 12" Double-V Press Wheels (C) are used when maximum closing action is needed and less pressure directly over the seed is desired. These press wheels are the same design as a planter double-v closing wheel and will provide optimum seed-to-soil contact and improve germination and emergence for crops like soybeans in both min-till and no-till planting conditions.
  • Fields with a high percentage of soybeans in rotation: Like the double 1" x 12" Double-V Press Wheels, Double Wedge Wheels (D) are used when maximum closing action is needed and less pressure directly over the seed is desired; however, this system is more aggressive. If drilling into no-till conditions or cover crops, the double-wedge wheels will provide superior trench closure over traditional single press wheel designs.

Learn more about the full line of Great Plains Drills

Whether seeding a few acres or several thousand, it’s important to choose a drill size and model to fit your operation's goals and field conditions. See the guide below to help you select the right Great Plains drill for your farm.

HD series Min-Till Drills

  • These drills are well-suited to planting into a wide variety of conditions, from conventional to light no-till.
  • All folding min-till drills feature the contour-hugging Great Plains hydraulic down pressure system, which pivots around the gauge wheel tires and offers over 30" of travel at the press wheels. To maximize flexibility, simply dial in the desired pressure to meet your penetration needs. 
  • Plant two cover crop mixes at different rates and depths at the same time, using the regular and small seeds boxes.
  • Min-till series drills are equipped with a 3.2 bu./ft. seed box.
  • Even if the drill is equipped with a dry fertilizer system, it only takes a few minutes to convert the fertilizer/seed box combo into a 3.2 bu. all-seed box. Plus, no tools are required.
  • Cover crops requiring shallower planting depths can be placed over most terraces without the need for double-seeding terrace tops, saving both time and valuable cover crop seed.

Min-Till Air Drills:
CTA 4000HD Air Drill or CTA 4500HD Air Drill and ADC 2220 Air Cart or ADC 2350 Air Cart

  • If you need a higher capacity drill, a min-till implement/cart combination is the best choice.
  • Featuring the 00HD opener and two independently metered seed boxes, these are the highest-capacity drills offered by Great Plains—and are very flexible.
  • They feature the same hydraulic down pressure system offered on the min-till series dill, but with the added feature of a horizontal pivot behind the air cart. This adds even more contour-following capabilities to the industry-leading, hydraulic down pressure drill line from Great Plains.
  • Offered in 40' and 45' implements and 220 bu. and 350 bu. carts.

Compact Series Drills

  • Great Plains compact drills feature min-till and no-till capabilities. With a leading coulter and double disc opener system, the design allows for planting in conventional tillage to no-till conditions.
  • The compact series drills will also plant a combination of three different seeds, at three different rates, in three boxes.
  • Tailor the drill to your cover crop needs with various options. All compact drills start with a main seed box. A second main seed box, native grass box, or fertilizer box can be added. A small seeds box can also be added to best handle small seeds.
  • These versatile drills are offered in 5' to 12' widths.

No-Till Drills:
1500 Drill or 2000 Drill with a Center Pivot Hitch or Precision Fertilizer Hitch

  • If you need a medium-sized no-till drill to plant cover crops, consider the combination of a 1500 Drill or 2000 Drill with a Center Pivot Hitch or Precision Fertilizer Hitch.
  • They offer a standard 2.4 bu. main seed box, dry or liquid fertilizer, and a small seeds attachment.
  • Choose from 00 Series Openers or 10 Series Parallel Linkage Openers.
  • Offered in 15' and 20' models.

Folding No-Till Drills:
2N-2410 Drill or 2N-3010 Drill

  • For larger operations, the 2N-2410 Drill or 2N-3010 Drill are great choices for no-till seeding of small grain crops or cover crops.
  • They feature 10 Series Parallel Linkage Openers as standard equipment.
  • A 2.4 bu. main seed box and optional small seeds box can place two types of seed at two different rates and depths in the same pass.
  • Offered in 24' and 30' models.
  • With a width of 40', the 3S-4010HD is the largest Great Plains box drill, featuring the 10HD Series Openers, 15" disc blades, a 2.4 bu. seed box, and an optional small seeds box.

No-Till Air-Drills:
NTA3010 or NTA3510 and ADC 2220 Air Cart or ADC 2350 Air Cart 

  • If more capacity is needed in no-till conditions, then these no-till air drill implements are your best choice.
  • Two independently-metered seed boxes and the fluff-and-plant no-till system with 10 Series Parallel Linkage Openers deliver cover crops at the right rate and depth.
  • Implements are offered in 30' and 35' widths, with 220 bu. and 350 bu. carts.
  • Two-bin versatility offers the ability to seed two different seeds at two different rates at the same time.

When time is money, Great Plains drills provide the flexibility you need. Visit the Drills page, or contact your local Great Plains dealer to learn more and see our current financing options.


About the Agronomist – Blake Bergkamp 

Blake Bergkamp grew up in south central Kansas on a small family farm. Growing up in this area provided Blake with a unique experience in agriculture, as continuous wheat and conventional tillage still dominate many of the acres. Blake attended Kansas State University where he completed a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and an MS degree in Agronomy. During college, Blake gained valuable experience with crop production and physiology at the Kansas State University Agronomy Lab.

In 2018, Blake joined the Great Plains team as a Sales Agronomist. As Sales Agronomist, Blake’s responsibilities include writing agronomic and educational content for customers and producers; designing field tests and compiling data; planning and conducting events and field demonstrations; and working alongside the product development team to ensure positive agronomic outcomes.


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