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What Does Hybrid Tillage Mean for the Way You Farm?

Hybrid tillage is a new class of tillage in the ag industry – but what does it mean for the way you farm? Hybrid tillage tools are versatile and can help producers benefit from variable-intensity tillage methods to maximize efficiency. However, not all hybrid tillage tools are created equal. With more options than ever before, it’s worth your time to do some research and try to match the right tool to your operation’s needs – one that aligns with how you wish to operate. Don’t limit yourself by adapting your farming practices to the tool that’s available to you!

Within the hybrid tillage category, Great Plains now offers 3 different solutions to cover a wide variety of needs and operation types. Learn more about how these hybrid tillage tools will complement your current farming practices below.

No-Till Operators – Terra-Max®  

For no-till operators who are hesitant to disrupt their previous conservation efforts, the Terra-Max is a great option. It’s also ideal for producers who face challenges like eliminating ruts, uneven residue coverage, and issues with soil warming. Even though producers may utilize no-till practices, some situations may require the use of a tillage tool. With 0- to 8-degree gang angles offering variable-intensity tillage, the Terra-Max is a tool that can be used to correct problem areas, while remaining well-aligned with no-till principles.

Additionally, the Terra-Max provides a planter-ready finish and when operated at a 0-degree gang angle, avoids the creation of sheer layers. Features like the lengthened frame, opposing left-hand and right-hand rolling spike harrows, and a standard double-basket rear attachment combined with active hydraulic down-pressure, all work together to provide a seedbed-ready, high-quality finish. The new TurboSpeed™ blade helps to achieve optimum soil penetration and breakout at faster operating speeds. It was developed by combining some of the best features from the TurboBlade used on our highly-successful Turbo-Max® and the SpeedBlade™, featured on the Velocity®.


Min-Till Operators, Organic, and Livestock Producers –  NEW Qualidisc 

The Qualidisc is the newest addition to the hybrid tillage family. It offers several key benefits to min-till operators, organic producers, and livestock producers. Due to the unique parallel gang and camber angles of the blades, the Qualidisc excels at tilling at shallower depths and faster speeds, making it ideal for producers who are looking to do more aggressive surface tillage.

Some producers also have a need to incorporate broadcast-applied manure into the soil due to environmental concerns. For producers who have livestock or organic operations, incorporation of manure can be a significant benefit. The Qualidisc can be used to completely and evenly distribute manure into the soil, improving soil fertility. Over time, organic material will help build soil health. 

Whether it is on a min-till, organic, or livestock operation, the Qualidisc offers features to help producers achieve their specific tillage goals. One feature, unique to the Qualidisc, is the design of the cone-shaped blades with notched edges. This design offers a consistent cutting angle as the blade wears and helps the unit to achieve complete cutout of the soil profile at a variety of depths and speeds. The active suspension system is an important feature when it comes to providing stability in varying soil conditions. Finishing attachments like the cage roller and Actipack roller help reconsolidate soils and further break down clods. Perhaps best of all, the Qualidisc can be operated at speeds up to 12 mph to help producers achieve their tillage goals in record time.


Conventional Tillage Operators – Velocity 

For producers who have previously relied on conventional disks, the Velocity is an excellent alternative. High-speed disks, like the Velocity, are capable of achieving complete cutout at a shallower depth than conventional disks. The Velocity also allows producers to cover more ground with fewer passes and at higher speeds – maximizing productivity and resources.

Many conventional producers also have a need for reliable weed control and residue burial. The Velocity offers exceptional weed control due to the low-concavity SpeedBlades with 7.5" spacing. The SpeedBlades aggressively power through heavy residue at higher speeds, keeping the residue in the field with little-to-no ridging – making the Velocity a great tool to use in the fall. Meanwhile, the hydraulic conditioner reel helps to bust soil clods, leaving behind a seedbed suitable for planting.


Find the Tool for You!

No matter if your tillage preference is vertical, conventional, or hybrid, Great Plains offers the most comprehensive tillage line to meet the needs of your operation. For complete product details and to learn about other solutions, visit our Products page.



About the Agronomist – Blake Bergkamp 

Blake Bergkamp grew up in south central Kansas on a small family farm. Growing up in this area provided Blake with a unique experience in agriculture, as continuous wheat and conventional tillage still dominate many of the acres. Blake attended Kansas State University where he completed a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and an MS degree in Agronomy. During college, Blake gained valuable experience with crop production and physiology at the Kansas State University Agronomy Lab.

In 2018, Blake joined the Great Plains team as a Sales Agronomist. As Sales Agronomist, Blake’s responsibilities include writing agronomic and educational content for customers and producers; designing field tests and compiling data; planning and conducting events and field demonstrations; and working alongside the product development team to ensure positive agronomic outcomes.


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