• Lighted Signs & Branding Kits

Lighted Signs & Branding Kits

Lighted Signs & Branding Kits

Turn your dealership into a Great Plains selling arena by utilizing one of our branding kits, and we’ll pick up half the cost! We’ve developed marketing tools for your dealership that will let your customers know you are a trusted, valued Great Plains equipment dealer.

From road side to desk side, we’ve developed branding tools that are effective and affordable. Place your order today and we’ll have it shipped directly to you within a few weeks. Once you’ve installed your branding kit, submit a Great Plains co-op claim form to our marketing department and your account will be credited for 50% of the kit’s cost. Make this small investment today to show your customers that you are a valued partner to one of the most trusted equipment manufacturers in the Ag industry.

Click on each item below to see a sample, or scroll down for a full gallery.


KIT #1

KIT #2

KIT #3

1 Barstool - -
1 Literature Rack 1 Literature Rack -
1 Flag 1 Flag -
2 Teardrop Flags 1 Teardrop Flag -
2 Counter Mats 1 Counter Mat 1 Counter Mat
1 Banner 1 Banner 1 Banner
1 Window Static Sign 1 Window Static Sign 1 Window Static Sign
2 Floor Mats 1 Floor Mat 1 Floor Mat
$855.00 $645.00 $120.00
after co-op*
after co-op*

after co-op*


Individual items are only available to dealers who
have previously purchased and installed a branding kit. 




Barstool $85.00 $42.50
Literature Rack $250.00 $125.00
Flag $35.00 $17.50
Teardrop Flag $155.00 $77.50
Counter Mat $25.00 $12.50
Banner $35.00 $17.50
Window Static Sign $30.00 $15.00
Floor Mat $30.00 $15.00
Snap Frames $45.00 $22.50
Outdoor Pop-Up Tent $830.00 $415.00
Feeder Cup Point-of-Purchase Display $95.00 $47.50


Sign includes 3' x 6' panels, appropriate cabinet frame with LED illumination, disconnect switch, and mounting hardware.




Single-Face Wall Mount $760.00 $380.00
Double-Face Swing Mount $885.00 $442.50
Double-Face Twin Pole Mount $975.00 $487.50
Double-Face Rigid End Mount $903.00 $451.50
Double-Face Center Pole Mount $1,490.00 $745.00
Double-Face Center Pole Mount** $1,490.00 $745.00


Aluminum sign is 2' x 4'.




Metal Sign - 2' x 4' $101 $50.50

*Plus shipping, sales tax, and installation cost
**International Building Code Compliant

Your Great Plains account will be charged the gross amount of the branding kit or lighted sign upon receipt of your order. Once you’ve installed your kit, you will need to submit a co-op claim form to the Great Plains Marketing Department to receive your 50% credit. Sales tax, shipping, and installation costs are not part of the co-op credit. They are the responsibility of the dealer.

To order your Great Plains Branding Items or 
Lighted Sign, please click here.

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