• Great Plains Planters: Planting Cover Crops

Planting Cover Crops with a Yield-Pro® Planter with Air-Pro® Meters

Great Plains Planters: Planting Cover Crops

Cover crops have become very popular as a conservation practice for many producers. Here are some guidelines for planting cover crops with a Great Plains Yield-Pro® Planter.

General Guidelines:

When using the 817-867C volumetric wheel, you may need to remove the doubler brushes, as they could be too aggressive for the material and could clean off the wheel. A catch test will have to be performed in order to calibrate the rate. To set up a material for “Granular Control,” change the Channel 1 control type from “Planter Control” to “Granular Control,” and run a valve calibration. The valve calibration for granular control is different than it is for planter control. Next spring, don’t forget to set the Channel 1 back to “Planter Control” and run the valve calibration again. Valve calibration needs to be done every time the control type is changed (assuming the planter has a hydraulic drive). Ground drive planters will have Channel 1 disabled and the material set for “Monitor Only.”

The following Seed Rate Charts are to be used as a starting guideline only. You must do a valve calibration to ensure accurate seeding rates.


Cover Crop Solutions
Planting Guide For Great Plains Yield-Pro® Air-Pro® Planters
For Twin-Row 30" or 15" Rows

Seed Selection Seed Disc Part # Row Spacing Meter Pressure*
Tillage Radish® 817-849C 4" 1 – 1.25
Tillage Sunn™ Sunn Hemp 817-849C 4" 1.75 – 2
CCS Hairy Vetch 817-849C 4" 1.25 – 1.5
CCS Sorghum Sudangrass 817-849C 4" 1 – 1.25
TillageMax TALLADEGA™ Mix 817-849C 5" 1.75 – 2
Tillage Max HOMESTEAD™ Mix 817-849C 4" 1.25 – 1.5
CCS Winter Pea 817-857C 4" 2.5
CCS Lupin
Sweet Blue Lupin
817-857C 4" 1.25 – 1.5
CCS Winter Pea 817-798C 4" 2.5
CCS Fridge Triticale** 817-867   2
**Use ground drive Wheat charts or hydraulic drive calibration

*Meter Pressure in Inches of Water

Seed inlet shutter setting for all above crops is 2.
Setting planter population at 104,600 will give you 4" row spacing.
Setting planter population at 83,600 will give you 5" row spacing.
For ground drive planters set range and transmission to the closest population.
For Great Plains Drills use Cover Crop Solutions guidelines.

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