Great Plains introduces the Ultra-Chisel™

Tue, 15/07/2014

Great Plains announces heavy-duty, maintenance-free chisel plow

SALINA, Kansas – Great Plains introduces the Ultra-Chisel™, a durable, low-maintenance tillage machine designed to endure rough ground conditions for consistent field performance.

Primarily a vertical tillage tool, the Ultra-Chisel provides horizontal fracture to fit both vertical and conventional tillage markets. With a maximum working depth of 8 inches, the Ultra-Chisel is available in 9- or 12-inch spacing, with optional 12- or 16-inch sweeps to undercut weeds while minimizing surface disturbance. The Ultra-Chisel’s spring-loaded shanks have 900 lbs. of trip force and 30" of underframe clearance.

With a rocking bolster and walking tandems on the front gauge wheels and main frame, the Ultra-Chisel accurately follows undulating ground contour. The walking tandems absorb shock from undulations and provide consistent main frame height and depth control. A floating hitch pivots with the tractor independently of the machine’s frame, keeping all wheels on the ground and enabling all transport tires to carry the whole weight of the machine.

 “The front walking tandems caster, as well as float up and down, so all four sets of walking tandems are on the ground at all times in uneven terrain. This takes a lot of stress off the main frame and allows the machine to remain level and maintain targeted depth,” said Michael Ohnsat, Ultra-Chisel engineer.

The Ultra-Chisel’s maintenance-free features increase productivity by reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Instead of tapered roller bearings, the walking tandems utilize a composite, fiberglass Teflon-wound bushing, sealed with dust caps on the outside. Additionally, a five-lip, cartridge-style seal in the wheel hubs prevents contamination in the bearings.

“The Ultra-Chisel is designed with a very durable, heavy-built frame. We spent a lot of time on all the small details to make the machine durable, so when an operator takes it to field, his time is spent running it, not working on it,” said Ohnsat. “We used maintenance-free pivot bushings so operators aren’t spending time crawling underneath the Ultra-Chisel with a grease gun. With the new seals in the wheel hubs and oversized, heavy-ply tires, they’re not wasting time fighting flats. Overall, we designed it to just go to the field and run.”

About Great Plains
Great Plains Manufacturing was founded in 1976 by Roy Applequist and employs 1,600 people in eight Kansas communities and Sleaford, England. It encompasses five divisions: Great Plains Ag, which manufactures seedbed preparation, nutrient application, and seed placement equipment; Land Pride, which manufactures grounds maintenance tools such as mowers, rototillers, rotary cutters, and dirt-working equipment; Great Plains International, which sells the company’s products worldwide; Great Plains Trucking, which operates a nationwide fleet of flatbed trucks; and Great Plains Acceptance Corporation, which finances the company’s products. Great Plains Mfg., Inc., is headquartered in Salina, Kansas, and is a family-owned business.

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