Great Plains introduces max-tested 7000 Series Disk Harrow

Tue, 15/07/2014

Great Plains introduces max-tested 7000 Series Disk Harrow

SALINA, Kansas – After enduring several seasons of intense field testing, the new 7000 Series Disk Harrow has proven itself a productive addition to Great Plains’ line of tillage equipment.

While the new model utilizes its predecessor’s double offset gang configuration, the 7000 Series features several upgrades for enhanced efficiency and performance, including an improved lift hydraulic system, axle design and leveling system.

“The leveling mechanism and single torque tube across the center frame allow us to keep everything uniform right to left, making it easy to level the center and easier to level the wings,” said Rodney Hake, Great Plains tillage engineering manager. “The new design tremendously reduces the amount of linkage that ties everything together, which reduces wear points and increases function and reliability. By simplifying with a single torque tube through the center, we’ve eliminated a lot of potential problems.”

The 7000 Series Disk Harrow’s increased transport clearance allows for 24" or 26" diameter blade options, and a low-profile, t-style hitch tightens the turning radius in the field. New, heavier gang bars are welded down the center to prevent cracking and breakage. Hydraulic gauge wheels, which actively raise and lower with other lift wheels, have also been added to the outside wings on larger units.

“Adding hydraulic gauge wheels to the outside wings allows the larger models to float better through the field, keeping the gangs at the proper depth and preventing diving on the front and skipping on the back,” said Hake. “We also went to larger tires, even on the wings, and we beefed up all the tire hubs, so all the hubs have higher transport capacity.”

The 7000 Series Disk Harrow also features exclusive PEER® Maintenance-Free Bearings. With 360° rotation, the bearings are never overloaded, and the six-lip seal on each side locks in grease and prevents contamination. Additionally, the walking beam pivots utilize Teflon-coated bushings to eliminate the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points.

“During the course of the season, there’s no daily maintenance on this machine. The only grease on the entire machine is on the wheel hubs, which only require yearly maintenance,” Hake said.

The 7000 Series Disk is available in widths of 23' to 36' with 7.5- or 9-inch row spacing.

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