• PEER Maintenance-Free Bearings

Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings

MAINTENANCE-FREE: Great Plains uses the exclusive PEER®  TILLXTREME® Maintenance-Free Pillow-Block Bearings in its gangs, as well as smaller TILLXTREME Maintenance-Free Bearings in its rolling attachments.




  • Main gang bearings feature alternating triple-lip seals, creating a labyrinth of protection from contamination.

  • Longer Life*
  • Multi-Zone Lubrication
  • Dynamic Alignment - 360 degrees (see animation below)

  • Maintenance-Free - no need for daily relube
  • Save Time - up to 25 extra acres per day
  • Save Money - no grease to purchase
  • Last longer than competitive bearings*.

* Double the life of the competition with no relubrication!
Ref. - PEER, MUD Slurry Test