Singulating Canola

Tue, 10/09/2013
Media Contact: Doug Burgardt, International Marketing Coordinator
Subject: Canola Disc for Yield-Pro® Planters
Reference No.: 1170G-GPI
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Air-Pro® Meter Design Changed for Singulating Canola; Improves System for Metering All Crops


SALINA, KS - Great Plains is bringing singulation and spacing accuracy to those producers seeding canola. The newly designed canola seed disc adds to an already extensive list of Air-Pro® Meter Discs for seeding corn, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, cotton, wheat, and sugar beets. The canola singulation development also includes improvements to the Great Plains Air-Pro® Meter’s brushes and seed tube. This improvement will be extended to all production units starting in November 2013.

The newly designed canola seed disc offers a true competitive advantage with an 11-inch (27.94 cm) diameter and 250 cells. Accuracy is greatly increased as the meter wheel turns at a low RPM. Static cling can be detrimental to successful metering so, in response, Great Plains increased the amount of specially formulated anti-static material in its Air-Pro® Meter brushes when developing this new disc for canola singulation. The patented Clear-Shot® Seed Tube maintains its obstruction-free “dead drop,” but the seed tube material has been changed to be even more transparent, allowing the sensor greater monitoring capability.

“Changes to the brushes and seed tube not only allow for canola singulation, but also improve performance for other small seeds, such as milo. Any seed used at low rates that is prone to static cling will benefit from these changes to the Air-Pro® Meter,” stated Great Plains Engineering Manager, Mike McClure.

Air-Pro® Meters are available on all Great Plains Yield-Pro® Planters. “On some models, the Yield-Pro® Planter’s 25-Series Row Unit is capable of row spacings as narrow as 9½- to 10-inches (24.13 to 25.4 cm) – which is especially significant for canola,” continued McClure.

For those who already have a Great Plains Yield-Pro® Planter and want to convert to the improved unit, a Canola Field Kit will be available that includes the canola disc, as well as the improved brushes and seed tube.

Founded in 1976 by Roy Applequist, Great Plains Manufacturing employs 1,500 people in eight Kansas communities and Sleaford, England. In addition to its Ag equipment division, which manufactures seedbed preparation, nutrient placement, and seeding equipment, Great Plains Manufacturing’s other divisions include Great Plains International, Great Plains Trucking, Great Plains Acceptance Corporation, and Land Pride, a maker of grounds maintenance tools such as mowers, tillers, and snow removal equipment. Great Plains continues today under the direction of Applequist and remains a family-owned business.


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