• Twin-Row Spacing

Twin-Row Spacing

Twin Row Works

  1. Promotes vigorous root development.
  2. Allows higher planting populations.
  3. Works for a wide variety of crops.
  4. Utilizes sunlight better.
  5. More efficient use of water.
  6. Works in all areas and soil structure.
  7. Can be side-dressed.
  8. Increases stalk diameter making plant stand better.
  9. Increases tonnage and relative feed value in silage.
  10. Harvestable with 30" corn head.

Larger Root Mass

Twin-Row row spacing creates plants with bigger stalks and larger root mass.

Better Light Utilization

At V7: (Approx. Knee High)
30" Corn uses 30% of the available sunlight
20" Corn uses 68% of the available sunlight
Twin-Row Corn uses 90% of the available sunlight