• Planter Accuracy

Planter Accuracy

Keys to Planter Accuracy

To seed accurately, a planter must do three things well: It must equally space each seed; it must place each seed at the proper depth; and it must press the seed into the soil for excellent seed-to-soil contact without creating sidewall compaction.

More Accurate Seed Spacing

Air-Pro® Meters bring spacing accuracy to new levels with:

  • Improved cell design which aids in achieving a “Dead Drop”
  • “Positive Air” technology instead of vacuum, reducing torque for greater accuracy and reduced wear
  • Large-diameter meters to reduce meter speed to enhance filling and spacing
  • Static eliminating brushes so the seed doesn’t “hang” in the pocket
  • Pressureless seed drop for “Dead Drop”

Patent-pending brushes remove all static cling before dropping the seed. This reduces deviation in the seed drop area, greatly improving spacing.

More Consistent Depth Control

Great Plains' patented Clear-Shot® Seed Tube takes the excellent spacing delivered to it by the Air-Pro® Meter and transitions it to the seed trench with unmatched accuracy. It is designed to “dead-drop” seed at 5.5 mph. (Most competitive seed tubes are designed for 4 mph.)

Better Seed-to-Soil Contact

Seed-to-soil contact is critical in getting all plants to germinate at the same time. Great Plains' Seed-Lok® or Keeton Seed Firmer® press the seed into moist soil. Great Plains' new Spider Closer Wheels are also key to getting a consistent stand by closing the seed trench and breaking up the sidewall.