• The Science of Harvest Starts Here

Systems Approach: The Science Behind "Harvest Starts Here"

The Science of Harvest Starts Here

Great Plains' quality line of agricultural products are not only well built, but are also designed around a sound agronomic system we call a "Systems Approach". There are five major components to our "Systems Approach" concept: Vertical Tillage, Fall; Vertical Tillage, Spring; Nutrient Placement; and Planter Accuracy. Through over ten years of experience, it has been proven Twin-Row planting on a variety of crops will significantly improve yields. When practiced separately, each component has been shown to increase yields; but when practiced in conjunction with the others, it is possible to experience major increases in yields.

Vertical Tillage Fall

Vertical Tillage Spring

Nutrient Placement

Planter Accuracy

Twin-Row Spacing