Great Plains Delivers Tillage and Seeding in One New Tool

Mon, 18/07/2016


SALINA, KS – High Plains wheat farmers who conventionally till large acreages will appreciate the time and cost savings offered by the new Field Cultivator Air Drill from Great Plains.

The unique machine combines a Great Plains Field Cultivator with Great Plains 00 Series Drill Openers, allowing operators to till soil and drill seed at the same time. The Field Cultivator Air Drill’s high productivity means less time in the field and lower input costs for farmers.

“Combining the tillage and seeding operations eliminates the need for an extra man and tractor during the seeding process,” said Mike Cleveland, Great Plains Vice President of Sales. “This saves farmers money, both in fuel costs and depreciation hours on the tractor.”

In addition to enhanced efficiency, the new Field Cultivator Air Drill utilizes proven Great Plains technology to deliver a well-prepared seedbed and precision seed placement.

The machine’s design is based on an 8544 Field Cultivator. It features the Max-Mix™ shank pattern on 7-inch spacing, followed by a seedbed conditioner reel, to eliminate any weeds and uniformly mix soil, residue, and fertilizer, if applied.

The implement, which is coupled to a large, 350-bushel cart, then places seed directly into the freshly-tilled soil with Great Plains’ exclusive 00 Series Openers.

“Our 00 Series Openers give seed the perfect seed-to-soil contact in the moist, newly-prepared seedbed,” Cleveland said. “By doing so, quick, uniform emergence is achieved.”

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About Great Plains
Great Plains Manufacturing, founded in 1976, employs over 1,400 people worldwide. It encompasses five divisions: Great Plains Ag, which manufactures seedbed preparation, nutrient application, and seed placement equipment, and other farm implements; Land Pride, which manufactures grounds maintenance tools such as mowers, rototillers, rotary cutters, and dirt-working equipment; Great Plains International, which sells the company’s products worldwide; Great Plains Trucking, which operates a nationwide fleet of flatbed trucks; and Great Plains Acceptance Corporation, which finances the company’s products. Great Plains Mfg., Inc., is headquartered in Salina, Kansas.

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