• Planting Cover Crops with a Precision Planter

Precision Planting Cover Crops

Planting Cover Crops with a Precision Planter

Cover crops can be precision-planted after the cash crop is harvested. Planting cover crops with a precision planter is one of the best ways to ensure consistent seed spacing and depth control to ensure a successful stand. Using a twin-row or narrow-row planter works best for even coverage.


Planters require 10-50 percent less seed than other methods, as seeds are individually metered and placed into the ground.

With precise seed placement, planters offer great seed-to-soil contact, especially for cover crop seed mixes, allowing for faster germination and establishment than other seeding methods. Seeding cover crops with a planter is also a great way to increase your chances of good establishment in the final days of the seeding period. Rainfall is not critical for germination if seeding cover crops with a precision planter.

Precision planting cover crops also makes more use of your planter investment.

Tips for Precision Planting Cover Crops

  • Calibration is important, so be sure to check the owner’s manual to guide you through this process.
  • Consult your planting guide for additional parts (brushes, seed plates, cup holders, etc.) that may be required to accommodate your needs.
  • Consider planting earlier-maturing cash crops to leave adequate time for planting.

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