Great Plains Turbo-Max® Vertical Tillage Implement


Turbo-Max Vertical Tillage

Model Numbers

1200TM, 1500TM, 1800TM, 2400TM, 3000TM, 3500TM, 4000TM

Product Description

Maximum Vertical Tillage

True vertical tillage has become the standard for yield-boosting seedbed preparation. Turbo-Max® offers the benefits of spring vertical tillage with more residue-managing characteristics for the fall. Turbo-Max has two coulter gangs with 7½" spacing between each blade. The rear gangs offset the front gangs, splitting blade spacing to 3¾" for improved sizing of residue for one-pass perfection. Gang angles on the Turbo-Max adjust hydraulically on-the-go from 0° to 6°, offering greater flexibility to match field conditions. In the fall, run the machine with gangs at an angle to bury more residue, which accelerates the decaying process and keeps the residue from blowing away in high winds. In the spring, keep the gangs straight to create a level, vertically tilled seedbed that is perfect for planting. Turbo-Max is available in seven models with working widths from 12' to 40', and is another vital part of Great Plains’ commitment to providing agronomically sound, yield-maximizing equipment.

Turbo-Seeder™ cover crop attachment available for 2400TM, 3000TM, and 3500TM Turbo-Max models.

Product Features


Turbo-Max allows you to change the gang angle on the go to match it to field conditions. Adjustments can be from 0 to 6 degrees.


Transfer valve adjusts weight from center to wings, providing even, constant down pressure to the full width.


Turbo-Max features two gangs — each with 7½" spacing between coulters — with the rear gang offset from the front gang. The gangs work together to size residue to an industry-leading 3¾".

Great Plains Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings
Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings

Great Plains uses the exclusive PEER® TILLXTREME® Maintenance-Free Pillow-Block Bearings in its gangs, as well as smaller TILLXTREME Maintenance-Free Bearings in its rolling attachments.

Product Specifications


MODELS 1200TM 1500TM 1800TM 2400TM 3000TM 3500TM 4000TM


3¾" (2 offset gangs at 7½" spacing per gang)



12-ply (4)




16.5 (4)


16.5 (4)

440/55R 18 (4)

WEIGHT (approx. max weight w/ attachments)

11,900 lbs

13,300 lbs

15,200 lbs

19,100 lbs

23,300 lbs 26,320 lbs 31,500 lbs

PTO H.P. REQ (min)





300+ 340+








30' 35'



13' 6"

15' 6"


15' 4"

15' 4" 16' 9"



5' 4"

5' 4"

8' 3"

11' 3"

14' 14' 4"

14' 2"







10' 12'






6' 9"

10' 11'










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Customer Testimonials

New Great Plains Products in North Carolina

From Allen J. , North Carolina:

Allen J. shows off his new 1200 Drill and 1200 Model Turbo-Max®.

From Ed B., Southwest Indiana:

"We recently bought a Turbo-Max and can not wait to get it in the field and show it off!"

From David W., Western Missouri:

"I bought a new Turbo-Till a few years back, which I liked very much. It was traded in on the Turbo-Max, which I love."

From Ron K., Eastern Pennsylvania:

"WORKS GREAT! Used a Salford prior, but was not happy with the job it did. We rented a Turbo-Max for a trial comparison, and the Turbo-Max performed much better. It leveled the ground much better, it cut up the stalks much better, and we like to be able to angle the blades 6 degrees to close water ditches. We're very happy on our decision to buy the Turbo-Max!"

Another Delighted Customer

From Andy H., Central Virginia:

Here's Andy H. from Virginia with his 1800 Turbo-Max®!

"Starting early!"

From Michael B., Central Oklahoma:

"Starting early!"

From Brad G., Western Kentucky:

"The best piece of tillage equipment I have ever owned. I wish had bought one years ago."

From David P., Central Illinois:

"I have a 30' Turbo-Max. Great machine. It does a real nice job on working down corn stalks."

"...wouldn't use anything else."

From Jamie G., Southwestern Ontario:

"My dad got his first no-till drill in 1990 and wouldn't use anything else. We plant grass seed, cover crops, soybean, wheat, and corn with the drill. The Turbo-Max® works great. Our local dealer, Stratford Farm Equipment, has sold other Turbo-Max's, using our experiences to help make the sale. These are our only planting and tillage equipment."

From Terry G., Southeast Kansas:

"I love my 30-foot drill! I have not used the Turbo-Max yet, but I like the looks of it."

From Randy E., Southwest Wisconsin:

"Just bought this machine the fall of 2014. WOW – what a job this thing does on corn fodder. I was having problems plugging up chisel-plowing in the fall. Vertical-tilled everything, and I am very satisfied. Looking forward to this next spring, not having to do anything else with the soil – just go in and plant!"

From Gerry B., Northern Ohio:

"We are in our third season with the Turbo-Chisel, and it has performed beyond my expectations. I really like the way it levels the surface with the chopper reels. What impresses me most is the durability of the product. After about 2,000 acres, we have not replaced the points yet, even though we have a spare set on hand! With my experience of the quality and durability of Great Plains products, I have purchased a Turbo-Max and will look to Great Plains when we update tools for our farm."

From Phil H., Central Ohio:

"Best of the vertical tillage tools I've tried. Mixes corn stalks and tears out weeds better than any other. Nice to have the angle adjustment. Even with the smaller version, I haven't needed to run down pressure on the wings. Float position on the tractor hydraulics is all this machine needs. Would love to see a 22' version."

From Joel S., South Dakota:

"I really like job that the Turbo-Max® does and also the greaseless bearings. The machine is very well built."

From Joe H., Western Kentucky:

"We bought into vertical tillage several years ago with a Turbo-Till®. While it did a good job, it wouldn't move enough dirt to fill in the slightest tire track. We traded for a McFarlane, and while it left the ground level side to side, we could never get rid of the wash boarding. We've looked at the disk type vertical tools, and it's still a disk. Our new Turbo-Max® is the right mixture of all vertical tillage features. They all have their place, but the Turbo-Max is the only one that gives a little of the best of everything."

From Wes I., Southern Ohio:

"Ready, set, go! You are ready to plant after one pass. Southern Ohio weeds are best controlled with tilled ground, and this tool is a real time saver. Dealer prep/delivery was excellent. It tilled level and made a great seed bed. GREAT TOOL!"

From Eric D., Southern New Jersey:

"We are a sibling trio of 7th generation farmers in Southern NJ. My brother Matthew, sister Melissa and myself have picked up the reigns where Grandpop left off, and together we operate our 500 acre family farm. A lot has changed on our farm over the last 125 years, especially the equipment. Our grandfather Joe told us many stories of days gone by with horse drawn corn cultivators and two-cylinder John Deere tractors. I will recollect to my son the days of the moldboard plow and cut harrow.