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Why choose Vertical Tillage? Because Vertical Tillage leaves a uniform, unrestricted soil profile that promotes maximum root development and increased yields. Plants raised in a vertical tillage system exhibit higher drought resistance, reach and utilize more nutrients, and have greater standability due to healthier stalks and root systems. Increase your yields ... by choosing a Vertical Tillage System from Great Plains!

We have focused our conventional tillage line around dependability and unconventional features.

The field-proven design of Great Plains Air Drills centers around our double disk openers.

Great Plains Compact Seeding Systems incorporate all the proven features found on our larger drills.

No matter what your farming practices, we have the right grain drill to fit your seeding needs.

Your soil is your greatest asset. We can help you protect it.

Innovation is critical, and a planter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your operation.

Nutri-Pro® Fertilizer Applicators offer a new approach to fertilizing challenges.

All Great Plains Spraying Systems are subjected to our torture track and extensive field testing.

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