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No-till drilling is one of the best ways to ensure a successful cover crop stand!

Make more use of your planter investment by precision planting cover crops!

Broadcast seeding with vertical tillage is a fast, efficient cover crop seeding method!

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1006NT Drill

Great Plains 1006NT 10' End Wheel No-Till Drill

10' End Wheel No-Till Compact Drill

Ideal for food plots or food production, the 1006NT Drill combines the productivity of a large drill with a compact drill’s versatility.

This 10' end wheel no-till drill is perfect for seeding into pasture renovations and food plots. It has long been used by conservation groups like Pheasants Forever chapters, NRCS offices, and roadside construction outfits who rent out machines that are simple to operate, yet durable enough to be returned, ready to rent out again.

1500 Drill

15' 3-Point Mounted Drill

15' 3-Point Mounted Drill

With three opener options, our 15' 3-Point Drills can be matched to fit your specific needs for accurate seed placement in varying field conditions.

The 00 Series Straight-Arm Opener comes standard, or choose between the optional 10 Series Parallel Linkage Opener and the 20 Series Parallel Linkage Opener.

The 10 Series Parallel Linkage Opener features more travel and precise control of the contact angle.

2N-2410 Drill

Great Plains 2N-2410 2-Section No-Till Drill

24' 2-Section No-Till Drill

The field-proven design of our 24' Pull-Type Drill is built for the toughest no-till conditions. It features our 10-Series Opener and Coulter combination to precisely place seed in the bottom of the seed groove for maximum emergence.

2N-3010 Drill

Great Plains 2N-3010 2-Section No-Till Drill

30' 2-Section No-Till Drill

The field-proven design of our 30' Pull-Type Drill is built for the toughest no-till conditions. It features our 10-Series Opener and Coulter combination to precisely place seed in the bottom of the seed groove for maximum emergence.

2S-2600HD & 2S-2600HDF Drills

Great Plains 2S-2600HD 2-Section Heavy-Duty Drill

26' 2-Section Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Down-Pressure Drills

If the need for a high capacity box drill is in your future, take a close look at these 2-Section Drills from Great Plains. These drills are designed for the large-scale operator to cover the most acres every day. They feature the largest-in-class seed box to keep you in the field longer by minimizing fill time and waterproof lids for maximum protection. A wide walkboard makes filling faster and safer. All models lift only the openers during field turns, reducing wear on the mainframe and speeding up end row cycle times.

3000 Drill

Great Plains 3000 30' 3-Point Drill

30' 3-Point Mounted Min-Till Drill

We like to think of our 30' Drills as the workhorses in our three-point lineup! Their large capacity seed boxes, in combination with their broad working widths, create a min-till seeding system capable of covering a significant amount of acres in a day.

3S-4010HD Drill

Great Plains 3S-4010HD 40' Heavy-Duty Drill

40' 3-Section Heavy-Duty No-Till Drill

The Great Plains 3S-4010HD is a drill that can get big jobs done in a hurry! Its heavy-duty frame is equipped with enough weight to handle hard ground and the toughest double crop conditions. The drill’s six massive 18 x 22.5 tires keep it afloat when things are soggy in the spring.

3S-5000 & 3S-5000F Drills

Great Plains 3S-5000 50' Min-Till Drill

50' 3-Section Hydraulic Down-Pressure Drills

The new 3S-5000 brings a new level of productivity to box drills! Its vast 50' drilling width covers more ground in a single sweep while its 3.2 bushel-per-foot seed boxes hold 149-bushel of seed on board to reduce downtime between fills.

YP-1625 & YP-1625A Planters

YP-1625A Air-Pro 16-Row Yield-Pro Planter

16-Row Yield-Pro® Planters

Compare refill times, row-spacing options, and bulk-fill capacities and you will agree that Yield-Pro® Planters are designed to make you more money and save you more time than any comparable planter on the market. Simply load the onboard 82- or 150-bushel poly hopper or seed directly from the seed company’s bulk box and start planting! A 400-gallon starter fertilizer system featuring a ground-driven CDS-John Blue piston pump may be added to planters equipped with a seed company bulk box or 82-bushel hopper.

YP-40 Planters

YP-40 40' Planter

40' Yield-Pro® Planters

With a choice of three openers and eight row widths, the YP-40 Yield-Pro® Planters from Great Plains can be almost anything the customer wants them to be. Despite their size, these 40' units have the dependability and flexibility to handle any terrain.


Great Plains 1206NT End Wheel No-Till Drill

12' No-Till Drill

Great Plains delivers a highly economical seeding solution in the versatile 1206NT Drill, which can simultaneously seed up to three different seeds at different rates.

Turbo-Seeder™ Attachment

Great Plains Turbo-Seeder™ Cover Crop Attachment

Cover Crop Seeder

Reap the benefits of both cover crops and true vertical tillage with the Turbo-Seeder™ attachment from Great Plains! Now available in two different sizes, this seeder can be installed on select Turbo-Max®, Turbo-Till®, or Turbo-Chopper® models.

Turbo-Seeder offers a cost-effective, highly productive method for seeding cover crops with a vertical tillage tool. With Turbo-Seeder, you can simultaneously till your soil, size residue, and plant cover crops in one pass, while also reducing labor, fuel, and the maintenance costs of conventional planters.