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Salina, Kansas-based Great Plains Ag is a company proud of its Midwestern roots. Great Plains, a division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., has been a leader in seeding equipment since its inception in 1976. Today, we are not only known as a leading producer of Grain Drills, but also recognized across North America as a leader in Planters, Tillage Equipment, Fertilizer Placement Equipment, Sprayers, and Compact Drills.

The Science of Seeding Seedbed Preparation Nutrient Application Seed Placement

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Managing the soil profile to maximize water uptake and prepping your seedbed are critical. Regardless of your farming setup, Great Plains literally has every piece of tillage equipment you need, including our new Turbo-Max™, which is tearing up the competition with its innovative design and features.

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For maximum plant benefit, precise placement of High Value Nutrients is a must.  By applying nutrients at the right time, you can virtually eliminate leaching and denitrification. The Great Plains Nutri-Pro® and sprayer lines are the perfect solution to help you increase utilization while reducing costs.

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To maximize yield, three things must be done well: seed spacing, seed depth, and seed-to-soil contact without sidewall compaction. Great Plains Drills and Planters are designed and built using these principles. Again, no matter what your farming setup, we have the right seeding configuration to achieve a uniform stand in a variety of crops. We are the seed placement specialists!


Harvest doesn’t start when you enter the field with your combine. Harvest starts when it leaves! Great Plains makes all the quality tools needed to start your harvest off right. To maximize yields, you need a Great Plains yield-maximizing system.

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